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Clean Water Pure Metals

A Unique Circular Approach for the Valorisation of Critical Raw Materials

Why do we do it?

Our Vision

To create value chains that were not possible before by implementing circular technology and processes to recycle, recover and enhance metals and critical raw materials dissolved in industrial wastewater.

A new approach is needed to meet sustainability challenges. The only way to achieve complete circularity, and thus achieve our mission that no atom of metal is wasted, is to make new processes available to the market that open up new value chains. We see a world in which materials are considered valuable resources and in which their recovery and reuse are the norm rather than the exception.

To achieve this vision, we are committed to continuous innovation and are dedicated to developing cutting-edge solutions that enable companies to economically and sustainably recover and reuse valuable materials. We are also committed to collaboration with partners and stakeholders across the industry to drive systemic change and create a more sustainable future. At the heart of our vision is a belief in the power of technology to transform the way we manage materials.

We want to be able to create a more efficient, transparent and sustainable materials economy. And we are committed to leading the way toward this future by providing innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible. We want the interception and valorization of industrial wastewater streams to become increasingly central and strategic, to make metals and critical raw materials infinitely recyclable and valuable.


Zero Release

Prolong the useful life of elements (transition metals, precious metals, and CRMs) and keep them in the value chain, preventing valuable resources from being dispersed into the environment after the huge mining impact.

We believe that the materials we use and dispose of every day have immense value, and our priority is to recover them and reintroduce them into industrial processes, reducing our dependence on virgin raw material, minimizing waste and building a more sustainable future.


Circular Materials' proprietary technologies and processes recover valuable resources, providing a scalable and cost-effective solution that benefits both the environment and the our partner's bottom line.

We are committed to working with companies in different industries to raise awareness toward greater resource circularity, promoting the recovery, recycling and reuse of resources as secondary raw materials, thereby reducing mining activities and dependence on volatile markets.


We are guided by the belief that a circular economy is not only possible but necessary. We are dedicated to offering integrated solutions for the management and utilization of industrial liquids, from initial analysis to implementation and ongoing support.

We are proud to be at the forefront of technological frontiers for a more sustainable future and are committed to our partners and stakeholders to drive positive change in the industry. We are committed to leading Circular Materials to become the technology of choice for industrial water recovery and valorization.

Out Technology

Circular Materials' patented technology is based on the properties of supercritical water that are engineered to effectively remove and recover metals from water.

The process also allows the oxidation of the majority of the organic matter (COD) and cyanides (>99.5%), and in a de-metallized liquid that is easy to treat, and which can be routed to existing plants without sludge production, or disposed at a much lower cost as compared to the original untreated effluent.

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recovery efficiency

A partner for the valorization of the secondary raw materials

Choosing Circular Materials as your partner for recovery and valorization of secondary raw material

Sustainable Solutions

We believe that sustainability not only benefits the planet, but is the only economical way to do business. All of our solutions are designed to help our partners and customers economically achieve sustainability goals.

Cutting-edge Technologies

Our proprietary processes and facilities are based on years of research and development and are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our partners and customers. We set the pace of development in various industries, investing substantial resources in the continuous improvement of our technologies to be at the forefront of major industry trends.

Tailor-made Solutions

Each partner is unique, with its own opportunities and paths to value. That is why we work closely together to meet specific needs and develop customized solutions to generate maximum value from each opportunity.

Continuous Support

Our solutions are not just about machines and processes; there are people behind the technology. Our continuous improvement approach is present in every interaction with partners and customers, and we work through every step of the qualification process to ensure the best possible outcome.


Our, is a long-term commitment to build relationships based on trust, transparency, and mutual success

Circular Materials technology can help improve the United Nations' sustainability indicators, UN Sustainable Goals.

As a company, we at Circular Materials are committed to making a fundamental contribution to the European Green Deal, and we have as our goals:

  • Zero release to reduce industrial pollution impacting water and soil and reducing exposure to hazardous chemicals. Each year, more than 2,000 tons of heavy metals are released into surface waters due to the limited effectiveness of sewage treatment technologies and from leaching of hazardous landfill sludge.
  • Mobilize our industrial cluster, to increasing awareness of circular economy, promoting the recovery, recycling and reuse of resources as secondary raw materials, thereby reducing mining and dependence on volatile markets.
  • Allow for the development of a clean, sustainable and safe technology for the treatment of industrial effluents and wastewater.

Several partners have already chosen our technology.

As a company, we at Circular Materials are committed to making a fundamental contribution to the European Green Deal, and we have as our goals: